My name is Virgil Dupras, I live in Quebec City and I've been a professional software developer for more than 15 years. I've worked on many different types of projects during my career and in the last 10 years, I've been enthusiastically involved in the free software movement. I offer you to be your friendly Linux dude, an experienced professional you can rely on.

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Project maintenance

It happens to everybody, we end up with projects with a maintenance burden that overwhelms us. Maybe it's because the original author left you in the dust, maybe it's because a third party delivered a project ridden with technical debt, maybe your needs evolved faster than your team could handle and they panicked, introducing technical debt.

When serious problems arise, when technical debt growth seems to be out of control, some might suggest a rewrite. It's often tempting, but it's also often a bad idea. Rewrites are very often costly and dangerous.

Tackling technical debt in an incremental manner is something I've often done in my career and I grew to like it. I could even say I'm pretty good at it. I can help you to evaluate the health of your codebase and steer the project towards more maintainability.

Web development

I can also help you with your web development needs, especially in Django which constitutes the bulk of my experience as a web developer. I'm a pragmatic developer who is keen on finding the kind of solution that will yield a maximum of value for a minimum of effort. That is, of course, while considering long terms goals of keeping the technical debt in check.

Finding simple solutions to fill needs that are often complex is easier said than done. It requires creativity, experience and flair. I think I have a respectable amount of those.

I thus invite you to consider including me in your upcoming web development effort. I think that my presence will contribute to the project keeping a steady pace in the right direction.


I also happen to have a pretty good experience in automation of software configuration using tools like Ansible, Puppet and Chef. I can help you automate your systems, but I can also help your sysadmins acquire better software development practices.

Because I'm a software developer before being a sysadmin (an interest I've only picked up in recent years), I have habits in code managment that often differ from people who come from a sysadmin background. Of course, managing systems thinking entirely like a software developer is a recipe for disaster, but bringing a different viewpoint to a team of sysadmins is, in my experience, almost always beneficial (and the whole idea behind the concept of "Devops").


A major part of my career was spent taking care of Hardcoded Software, a website that publishes "shareware" type of software I authored. In this adventure, I acquired a big part of my technical skills.

In 2009, my interest for free software grows and, after a couple of years of hesitation and experimentation, in 2012, I leap out of the shareware business into consultancy at Savoir-faire Linux. There, I learned how to talk to customer, gather specifications, manage teams. I discovered that I like using my expertise help out a customer. I also realized that I'm pretty good at it.

All this time, my interest in free software grows and a enthusiastically participate to the movement. In fact, I consider my contributions to public free software projects one of my great assets.

Now, for the lists of technologies I know well:

Contributions to free software

Throughout the years, I contributed to many public free software projects, some of them of notorious. Here is a list of my main contributions: